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Leveraging Drupal (2009)

This book, published in March, 2009 when Drupal 5 was being superceded by the awesome Drupal 6, and therefore in many ways technically obsolete, was however the first "Drupal" book which offered a step-by-step agile process approach to website application development. Wiley, since the start, has offered the initial chapter (which detailed this agile based process approach) for free. It can still be obtained on the Leveraging Drupal Wiley Website as a free chapter download. Still valuable, in this humble author's view. Especially when the process is later paired with Lean/UX

Durable Drupal Content Migration Rescue (2017-2018)

This is the book central to this site, its methods and tools, and most significant case studies, especially that detailing the content migration rescue process for

Leveraging Drupal: Getting Your Site Done Right

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Durable Drupal Content Migration Rescue

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