Case Studies Intro

So aren't you sick and tired of tutorials that show how "awesome" and "easy" full stack javascript is, and how you can whip up an app in 5 minutes? Sometimes that's even true. But the apps used in all the shallow examples 99% of the time have one thing in common: they are completely trivial and never touch the real world on several important points:

  • They are rarely re-usable
  • They almost always include some kind of "free" but actually paid service on the backend
  • They don't take into account how to do things like update to newer versions of frameworks, or deploy apps
  • They often do nothing more than repeat what is already in the docs

Well, we aren't going to show any over-simplified examples here, everything is a full-blown case study that goes through the complete cycle of disciplines your team really needs to master in order to actually launch real world apps.

Case Studies

Clone, build and deploy the entire DDCMR system

Case Study for

The website.