The DurableDrupal website. The making of.

Follow this website's analysis, design, implementation, deployment and content workflow based on an easily approachable and openly accessible full-stack JavaScript decoupled API-first architecture.

DDCMR Front End (CWA) Authentication and Authorization with JWT

DDCMR CMS YAML formatted Repo Based Content

DDCMR Deep Content Modeling

DDCMR MVP Analysis and Design Process

DDCMR App Content Modeling

DDCMR Server-side (SCS) Content Model Implementation

DDCMR Server-side (SCS) Content Model REST API Implementation

DDCMR Server-side (SCS) API Passport and JWT Auth

DDCMR Front End (CWA) Review of Features and the Content Model

DDCMR Front End (CWA) Prototyping with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vuetify.js

DDCMR Provisioning Ubuntu 18.04

DDCMR Deployment for our Decoupled Apps

DDCMR Decoupled App Development and Content Workflow

DDCMR MVP02 Roadmap