What is Content Migration Rescue and why do we need it?

What is it?

A step-by-step approach offering freely shared resources needed for migrating your content from an obsolete, monolithic architecture, to a modern and truly scalable fullstack JavaScript set of decoupled applications and services.

Included here in this DurableDrupal Content Migration Rescue Website repo is everything you need to work in the most efficient way possible with your own project.

The Content Migration Rescue Process

You can, and perhaps should, bring your own process. But we do offer a process template based on our own study and experience. It is based on Lean/UX, and should be tailored to the needs of each organization, as explained in my 2015 presentation DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Setting up a Reusable and Durable Drupal Lean Process Factory. Let's breiefly summarize here process highlights and take-aways.

  • Waterfall spells disaster for web application software projects
  • Agile replaced waterfall
  • Agile wrongly applied to web application projects is the new waterfall
Content Migration Rescue Pros and Cons

The DurableDrupal Content Migration Rescue process puts forward the need:

  • To move on with your content
  • To migrate from the Drupal Content Monolith to a Structured Content Model
  • To move to an open and truly modern API-First Architecture

So what exactly are the pros and cons?