The Content Migration Rescue Process

You can, and perhaps should, bring your own process. But we do offer a process template based on our own study and experience. It is based on Lean/UX, and should be tailored to the needs of each organization, as explained in my 2015 presentation DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Setting up a Reusable and Durable Drupal Lean Process Factory. Let's breiefly summarize here process highlights and take-aways.

  • Waterfall spells disaster for web application software projects
  • Agile replaced waterfall
  • Agile wrongly applied to web application projects is the new waterfall
    • If it doesn't do away with interdisciplinary silos that do not communicate with each other
    • If it creates mini-waterfall cascades of input and output between them the various disciplines
    • If huge amounts of time are wasted while each silo awaits its input and performs its work in isolation and without benefit of ongoing feedback
    • Graphic design and UX, DevOps, and everything else, should participate together in an ongoing collective and truly incremental and iterative job of work
  • Migration is not a mechanical transfer of (often unformed blobs of) legacy content from one closed architecture to another
    • It's about a chance at creating a new updated business model and giving it a chance to breath and grow, prove itself, or pivot
    • It's about structuring up
    • It's about looking forward to developing multiple clients that can render content in multiple forms and anywhere
    • It's about decoupling these clients (web apps, native apps, desktop apps) from the content management system
    • It's about decoupling both these clients and the content management system from a single, scalable structured content server exposing content created once as a scalable REST API
  • Just as waterfall and pseudo-agile are the enemies of success in the domain of process, the monolith is that enemy in the domain of architecture

Many of our case studies will exemplify the Durable Drupal Lean Process Factory, whether in out and out migration rescue of content from the monoliths, or in fresh projects involving modern, open decoupled architecture right from the beginning.